Hello again! It's the final day of february, and that means it's the final day of NaHaiWriMo. It was quite a month. I had hoped things would've improved more since it began but so it goes. I, at the very least, feel fulfilled. I managed to write a haiku every day! Sometimes, sometimes three. It's funny how that goes. In preperation for this month, I actually wrote several haiku just in case I couldn't make a day for overwhelming reasons, but I managed to do just fine, which I am quite proud of. I feel like I developed myself, but more importantly, I managed to actually write something every day! I managed to hang onto routine, create a routine.

I hope going forward I can maintain the energy to keep writing. I've mentioned before that I have bigger ambitions and I think after this month is the time to start working towards bringing those to fruition. I have always been enchanted by art and history, and I wrote much when I was younger. There was a time when I grew disillusioned with art, and my own part in it too. I was disillusioned about writers and writing, but now I have rallied myself, I have regained my pen. After this month, I also intend to compile all my haiku into a little bundle, which will feature some extra ones that I wrote but didn't publish. We will see each other again.

Here is my haiku for this day, the final day. I hope you enjoy it.

lone dead spring river

bare trees reach

towards distant skies