Hello again! I hope you’ve had a nice day. I had a pretty good day overall, although somewhat low energy, this took a turn in the evening when I had myself some fierce exercise. It was nice to go out running in the woods again. It was kinda melancholy too in a way. White pavements returned back to the colour of slate. The roads had returned to un-iced asphalt. We have returned back to the normal world again. Ah well, so it goes. One of the nicest experiences I had while running was a fellow runner loudly cheering me on. This was in the evening and entirely unexpected. It was such a nice, warm gesture and very encouraging. I reciprocated, of course and have since tried to be more encouraging too when I see fellow runners. I try to give a thumbs up or tell them ‘good job!’ or the like. So far, none are as enthusiastic as that one man. It seems to be truly exceptional, honestly, to be that supportive or willing to accept such support. I don’t know how to think about that. I’ll think about it some more, I think.

Here is my haiku for the day! I hope you like it!

winter white is gone

in the dark

the forest looms tall