Hello again! Today was a bit of a scattershot day. I got some work done but my mind wanders and my attention fails me. I went out and bought some delicious bread from the baker, as well as some other things. The snow is melting over here and it fills me with an odd sadness. Snow is very inconvenient and kinda rotten. It's slippery and cold and wet. It restricts movement very heavily either by simple mass or by turning into ice. It's dangerous, yet despite all of this it is wonderful, magical and beautiful. It is wondrous to behold and to experience. The world seems to draw a breath. Suddenly, the world is transformed, for just a moment, into a place of pale whiteness. A world of crystals and light. Suddenly, winter doesn't feel quite as dead. I suppose I can recognise the beauty in the snow, its transformative properties, its presence that paints the world. I suppose that's why it makes me sad to see it go, despite all the inconvenience it brings. It is like saying goodbye to the beauty and magic. It is a mournful moment and maybe I regret not enjoying it more while it was there.

Here is the haiku for the day. I hope you enjoy it!

cracked ice in the mere

through the mist

the lights speak lively