Hello again. Today was fine. Very packed, very exhausting. I decided to contact some old friends and was delighted to hear from them again and find that they were fine. I would like to see them again some time, after all this. I miss contact, but it can't be helped. Have you had old friends on the mind recently? I often think about people I've met in the past. I often see aspects of people I know in people I just meet, until they coallesce into their own person. Then I carry them with me too. Like the phantom threads of old connections, they are still attached to me. I don't think they will ever truly fade away. I once knew a man, who, in his late middle age, realised that all his friends had gone and that he was all that was left. He had to take time off from work to deal with the immensity of that realisation. The old, kindly faces had gone from this world and suddenly he was all alone surrounded by unfamiliar ones. I try to keep all friends, new and old, close to my heart.

Here is my haiku for the day. I hope you like it. I think I tried experimenting somewhat.

fade, winter river

hearts grow cold

and all birds have gone