Hello again. I do not have too much to say today. I'm taking it relatively easy. I exercised and went for a short walk. Snow still lies thick on the ground, and while I was out it started softly snowing again. I don't know whether I want it to go or whether I want it to stay. I did notice how very quiet and empty it is. It wasn't really surprising but it is quite striking. I was quite taken aback by the sheer void. It was breathtaking, in a way. Just me and nature and the sleeping city.

Other than that, I've been watching a lot of Steve1989MREInfo videos as background noise and there's something quite compelling about them. His cadence and manner of presentation reminds a bit of Bob Ross in his use of certain friendly phrases that become stock. He also brings a food critic's tastebuds to the sampling of Meals, Ready-To-Eat. He seems to be rather knowledgeable about nutrition and has an intrigueing grasp on the history and development of the military ration. It's bizarelly specific. I think the most striking aspect might be just the general presentation. There is something charmingly old-school and surreal about it. From the casio-keyboard electronic music that he makes himself to editing by way of speed-up and slow-down the tapping of for example a coffee cup to have a tune to it. It feels like a presentation or information video from 15 years ago or a documentary from the 90s, but it's made today. Simultaneously, the editing sometimes makes it have an odd, otherwordly quality. Steve himself is the grounding element. A kind of friendly and knowledgeable if somewhat dry person who is very excited about his hobby. It's an interesting balance.

Here is my haiku for the day. I hope you enjoy it.

waning snow

the empty playground

breaks down in the cold