Hello again! Today was an average working day, which is good. A nice, calm day is a good day. It has been very cold as I've mentioned before, and the snow lies thick on the ground, piled as high on the ground as an adult man. It's quite staggering! Unusual weather, especially uncommon during this period of winter in my country, but I guess these sorts of changes should not be surprising. Simply worrying, and with good reason. I also met a homeless man on the way to the grocery store, who I gave some money. It was quite staggering to see people who are unprovided for even during such cold and lethal days. It's outrageous. It's enough to make one indignant, furious.

Of course, it's not helped that nobody has any cash on them these days, so even people genuinely willing to help might prove useless. I think one should always have some cash or change in pocket, simply to be able to give it away. You never know who might need some help. Some might be worried that the homeless person might be dishonest somehow, not actually using the money for the claimed purpose. To those people I say: who cares? They are adults with autonomy, without power, who need help somehow. I have money I can spare. If it helps them in any way, then I can give away some. It seems selfish to me not to. Even if they are dishonest, it does not matter.

Here is the haiku for the day. I hope you enjoy it.

wet glow muddy snow

the beggar's hands

grow cracks in the cold