Today was a very properous day. I worked a lot, bought some makeup for the first time, I bought some adventurous things and I exercised. I feel very content with the direction of my life. While I was on my run, it made me think. People talk a lot about liminal spaces, a place that feels like it is more attached to the other side or the magical. It, of course, means that there is something that would invoke that thought, that feeling that this place is more otherwordly. These liminal spaces are, of course, liminal. A place where people come and go, a throughway, a temporary stay. Places that are haunted by life but where life cannot stay or was simply not meant to remain. It makes me think on the two other extremes on the spectrum. If there is a place in between, there must be two spaces at the other ends. A place of extreme mundanity and a place of extreme airy-fairiness. I would say something like a park sits on one end.

It is funny to think about, but a park is ultimately a man-made creation, despite its nature. The trees are planted with precision, the shrubs are carefully maintainted, the grass grows just so. It is a place designed for people to go and be among nature and people. It is a place attached to the ground and humanity, an anchor so to speak. On the other end, it is hard to say. A real or imagined ethereal space would seem most likely, but that is of course harder to imagine as there is no such place. While I mentioned the park as something of a mundance place. it would not truly sit at the one end. There is no place that is truly mundane, nor is there a place that is purely arcane. It is more like a spectrum between two theoricals. I wonder about these places. An office building is an artificial place, but a place with a history, with life come-and-gone and which creates much misery, but also many other feelings.

I wonder about these other places.

Anyway, here is another haiku. I hope you enjoy it.

lamplight on ice lake

bird shapes scheme

gathered on the frost