Today was a busy day. I worked, then exercised. Squats, squats, squats and then 30 minutes of jogging. I did not go out too much and during these waning winter months evening falls early. On top of that, there is a curfew. While this is sensible, the evening does tend to be my favourite time of day, so I miss my near-midnight jogs. That said, I have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, so there is more day for me to enjoy. I am lucky to live near nature, tamed though it may be. There are a lot of wonderful sights to see. I hope to go out and see the moon again, and the sparkle of ice on parts of the road. I do hope it doesn't get too slippery.

I live near trees, although not quite a forest. Forests I do miss quite a bit. There is a mystery and power to forests. Here is my second haiku. I hope you enjoy it.

overcast like snow

pines like brothers

cling close together